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We aim to sell the highest quality commercial and registered breeding stock that will meet our buyers needs. We only register the kids that meet our highest standards. The registration/transfer fees are included in the sales price unless otherwise stated.

Due to our small herd size we sell out of our kids fast, especially doelings. If you see a breeding cross that interests you we encourage you to join our wait list. To secure the purchase of the goat or goats we charge a 25% non-refundable deposit that will count toward the final price. 





 Crossbred Kiko
 American Kiko Purebred
100% New Zealand Kiko


$300* $500* $600*


$200* $400*


Does $400* $700* $800*
Bucks   $600* $700*

*The prices listed above are a starting point. The individual price per goat will depend on pedigree and overall performance.

Updated December 05, 2020