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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Breeding 2019

Fall is officially here which means things are starting to pick up around the farm again. We've got just about 2 months left before our first crop of kids are on the ground. I honestly have no idea how some of these girls are going to hold out for another 2 months..they are looking very full!
Currently we have three of our best does breeding with SEV Magnum Steel. Our goal is to collect data on how well his kids grow. We will end the breeding season with our last two girls being bred to our mother's buckling Texas Rex, who tied for 3rd place in average daily gain at this years Oklahoma Buck Test. We are excited to see if his kids do as well in growth! Back in July we teamed up with El Rancho Asno Blanco to do a flush and embryo transfer on our doe MVH 531 with some semen she had of TNT RAIZ'N'KANE. All of the recips are doing very well and we are all very excited to see how the cross turns out.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Dog Days of Summer

The bucklings officially have their own pasture and seem to be loving it. All of them are filling out very nicely due to not having to compete with 5 other bucks!

We finally have a chance of rain later this week and into early next week! It could not come at a better time..our pastures are desperately needing some water after having gotten no more than 4 inches of rain last month.