Double S Kikos



AKGA Purebred Kiko Buckling

Buckling #0567

Goat, Kiko, Kid (male) | Grey Multi

DOB: 1/8/2021 (Under 1 yr)

DDF Powder Keg

American Purebred Buck

DDF Powder Keg

KikoBuck (male)Black Multi
AKGA# 19P153DDF21DOB: 1/31/20192 yrs
Sire: TNT SHAZAMS BLITZ Y288 Dam: TNT Carlotta Y220 Percentage: Purebred Litter Size: Triplet Birth Date: 1/31/2019 Powder Keg joined our herd in January after spending six months at the 2019 Langston Feed and Forage Test where he was judged against 171 other young bucks. During the pasture portion of the test he ranked number 6 in ADG and ranked 11 on the PCV/FEC. In the feed portion of the test he ranked 34th on FEC. This was one of the roughest buck tests in many years, so doing well was a feat! Powder Keg is currently in the breeding pen with a few of our more experienced does. His kids should be here between Late October-November. Powder Keg is co-owned with El Rancho Asno Blanco. Straws of semen are available for purchase.
 AKGA# 19P153DDF21 Black Multi
DHS Iron Maiden

American Purebred Doe

DHS Iron Maiden

KikoFirst Freshener (female)Grey Multi
AKGA# 19P471DHS79DOB: 2/28/20192 yrs
Sire: SEV Magnum Steel Dam: LOO Aces Loyal Friend Birth Date: February 28, 2019 Birth Weight: 8.15 lbs Litter Size: Single Weaning Weight: 45 lbs Overall ADG: 0.40 Performance Index: 1.22 Iron Maiden is 2019 doe out of SEV Magnum Steel. She has a very easy going temperament and has continually maintained excellent famacha scores ( famacha 1) and good body condition. Iron Maiden was our top doeling out of the 2019 kid crop. As a first freshener Iron Maiden kidded twin bucklings with no problems. She has continued to maintain excellent condition and both boys are growing out great.
 AKGA# 19P471DHS79 Grey Multi


This buckling is out DDF Powder Keg x DHS Iron Maiden. His sire ranked 6th in ADG and 11th on the PCV/FEC pasture portion of the 2019 Langston Buck Test. His dam is a first freshener who has proven to be a heavy milker and has continued to maintain good famachas while in lactation. If you're wanting to add parasite immunity and girth to your herd then look no further!

At 7 weeks old he weighed in at 31.1 lbs with an ADG of 0.52.

Updated 2/24/2021