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Buckling #0512

Goat, Kiko, Kid (male) | Grey

AKGA#  | DOB: 2/16/2020 (Under 1 yr)

SEV Magnum Steel

Magnum Genetics (SPK SUNBOY ROTAN 150)

SEV Magnum Steel

KikoBuck (male)Grey
AKGA# 17P127SEV26DOB: 1/22/20173 yrs
Sire: SPK Sunboy Rotan 150 Dam: DDF Matariki's Jazzi Blue Percentage: New Zealand Litter Size: Twin Birth Date: 1/22/2017 Birth Weight: 6.75 lbs Steel is out of our very first flush we did back in 2016 between SPK Sunboy Rotan 150 x DDF Matariki's Jazzi Blue. We decided to retain him and use him as one of our herd sires after seeing how well his first crop of kids grew. He typically throws kids that are small (5.75-7 lb) at birth and are very vigorous. His kids typically inherit his easy going attitude and are easy to work with. When it comes to weaning, his kids have high ADGs and wean at the top of their kid crop. Two of his bucklings were sent to the 2019 Langston Buck Test due to having ADGs of 0.50 or higher. One buck placed 29th out of 171 bucks on the ADG pasture portion of the test and the other placed 24th out of 71 bucks on the FEC feed portion of the test.
 AKGA# 17P127SEV26 Grey
VLE Iron Bridge Butterscotch

American Purebred Doe

VLE Iron Bridge Butterscotch

KikoDoe (female)Multi
AKGA# 18P014VLE65DOB: 3/10/20182 yrs
 AKGA# 18P014VLE65 Multi


Sire: SEV Magnum Steel
Dam: VLE Iron Bridge Butterscotch
Percentage: American
Birth Date: 2/16/2020
Litter Size: Twin
Birth Weight: 7.4 lbs

As of February 23rd, his total ADG is 0.46.

Health Records

Date Procedure Details/Notes
2/16/2020Birth - Birth Weight
7.4 lbs 
8.6 lbs 
10.65 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.46
12.95 lbs 
1st dose
14.05 lbs 
ADG: 0.51
17.1 lbs 
ADG: 0.46
19.25 lbs 
ADG: 0.42

Updated 3/12/2020