Double S Kikos




American Purebred Yearling

DHS Patches' Heidy Girl

Goat, Kiko, Jr. Doe (female) | Multi

AKGA#  | DOB: 12/13/2019 (1 yr)


SHP Gertrude

AKGA American Purebred

SHP Gertrude

KikoDoe (female)White
AKGA# 15K012SHP15DOB: 3/11/20155 yrs
Sire: FOX Hans Dam: LAF Brigitta Percentage: Purebred Litter Size: Twin Birth Date: 3/11/2015 Birth Weight: 4.5 lbs Weaning Weight: 49 lbs Gertrude has proven to be one of our top producing does on the farm due to maintaining low famacha scores, great body condition and producing fast growing kids with high average daily gains. In 2020 Gertrude really proved herself by weaning a single doeling at 56.3 pounds with an ADG of 0.53 pounds per day! During lactation she stayed in excellent condition and maintained good famachas. This year Gertrude was paired with Steel and expected to kid in early January 2021.
 AKGA# 15K012SHP15 White

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Sire: LOO Patches Ranch Cash
Dam: SHP Gertrude
Percentage: Purebred
Litter Size: Single
Birth Date: 12/13/2019
Birth Weight: 8 lbs
90 Day Weight: 55.7 lbs
Total ADG: 0.53
2020 Kidding Performance Index: 1.16

Wowzer..Heidy weaned at 56.3 pounds at 91 days with an ADG of 0.53 pounds per day! Needless to say, Heidy will be retained so that we can continue to evaluate her on her growth and parasite immunity. So far she's off to a good start!

Health Records

Date Procedure Details/Notes
12/13/2019Birth - Birth Weight
8 lbs 
3/13/2020Other - Weaning
56.3 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.53

Updated 1/18/2021