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2/3/2020 1/13/20-Harmonia & her dam

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DHS Patches' Harmonia

Goat, Kiko, Kid (female) | White

AKGA#  | DOB: 12/15/2019 (Under 1 yr)

LOO Patches Ranch Cash


LOO Patches Ranch Cash

KikoBuck (male)Multi
AKGA# 16P596LOO13DOB: 1/22/20164 yrs
 AKGA# 16P596LOO13 Multi
DHS Aphrodite

American Purebred Doe

DHS Aphrodite

KikoDoe (female)White
AKGA# 17K134DHS75DOB: 3/18/20173 yrs
Sire: ROC Ozymandias Dam: MVH 531 Percentage: Purebred Birth Weight: 7.00 lbs Litter Size: Twin Aphrodite is a 2017 doe out of a cross between ROC Ozymandias x MVH 531. She was retained due to her excellent growth and parasite immunity as a doeling. She has continued to maintain excellent famacha scores without frequent de-worming. As a first freshener she produced twins. In 2020 Aphrodite really proved herself by weaning a single doeling at 48.7 pounds with an ADG of 0.45 pounds per day. During lactation she maintained both excellent condition and famachas. Safe to say that she has earned a forever place in our herd.
 AKGA# 17K134DHS75 White


Sire: LOO Patches Ranch Cash
Dam: DHS Aphrodite
Percentage: Purebred
Litter Size: Single
Birth Date: 12/15/2019
Birth Weight: 8.2 lbs
90 Day Weight: 48.7 lbs
Total ADG: 0.45

Harmonia comes from a line of goats that make great mothers on her dams side. Her dam is an Ozymandias doe and her grand dam is MVH 531 (one of our top producing does on the farm). If you are looking to add does that are both hardy and have excellent mothering skills then look no further!

Harmonia weaned at 48.7 pounds with an ADG of 0.45 pounds per day.

Health Records

Date Procedure Details/Notes
12/15/2019Birth - Birth Weight
8.2 lbs 
1st CDT
12/25/2019Weight/Body Score
13.1 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.49
12/29/2019Weight/Body Score
15.8 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.54
1/3/2020Weight/Body Score
19.15 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.58
1/12/2020Weight/Body Score
24.5 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.58
2nd CDT
28 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.57
31.55 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.56
35.25 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.55
37.95 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.53
39.75 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.51
41.95 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.48
43.85 lbs 
ADG: 0.47
3/13/2020Other - Weaning
48.7 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.45

Updated 3/17/2020