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DHS Freya

Goat, Kiko, Kid (female) | Brown Multi

AKGA#  | DOB: 12/12/2019 (Under 1 yr)

ROC Ozymandias

American Purebred Buck (Ozy)

ROC Ozymandias

KikoBuck (male)White
AKGA# 13K020ROC18DOB: 11/24/20136 yrs
Ozymandias has been an outstanding sire for our ranch since the Fall of 2014. He has outstanding parasite resistance, which he passes on to his kids. He was dewormed when he arrived in 2014, but has not been dewormed since then, maintaining a Famacha of 1. We are located in east Central Texas where humidity and warm weather are fertile grounds for haemonchous contortus. Ozy kids tend to be lower birth weight (5.5 - 6# range), fast growing, and healthy. We have retained several of his daughters for our herd. Those daughters which have kidded tend to have excellent mothering characteristics and good milkers. Ozy is co-owned with El Rancho Asno Blanco.
 AKGA# 13K020ROC18 White
MJC Jasmine

American Purebred Doe

MJC Jasmine

KikoDoe (female)Palomino
AKGA# 18K071MJC50DOB: 2/18/20182 yrs
Sire: MJI Thunderbolt Dam: MJC Lola Birth Weight: 7.5 lbs Litter Size: Twin Weaning Weight: 43.5 lbs Jasmine was purchased from the 2019 AKGA Showcase Sale. She has maintained excellent famacha scores without frequent de-worming and has maintained good body condition. As a first freshener Jasmine weaned a single doeling at 50.9 pounds with an ADG of 0.47 pounds per day. During lactation she stayed in good condition and maintained good famacha scores.
 AKGA# 18K071MJC50 Palomino


Sire: ROC Ozymadias
Dam: MJC Jasmine
Percentage: Purebred
Litter Size: Single
Birth Date: 12/12/2019
Birth Weight: 7.3 lbs
90 Day Weight: 49.6 lbs
Total ADG: 0.47

Freya is a spunky doeling that is constantly up to some kind of mischief with the other doelings. Her sire "Ozymandias" produces does that make excellent mothers and are highly parasite resistant. Her dam "Jasmine" is a sturdily built doe who has been maintaining excellent condition as a first-timer.

Freya weaned at 50.9 pounds at 92 days with an ADG of 0.47 pounds per day.

Health Records

Date Procedure Details/Notes
12/12/2019Birth - Birth Weight
7.3 lbs 
12/25/2019Weight/Body Score
12.45 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.40
1st CDT
12/29/2019Weight/Body Score
14.85 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.45
1/3/2020Weight/Body Score
17.85 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.48
1/12/2020Weight/Body Score
23.95 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.54
2nd CDT
27.2 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.53
31 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.53
34.55 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.53
38.7 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.53
40.85 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.52
42.05 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.48
44.5 lbs 
ADG: 0.47
47 lbs 
ADG: 0.46
3/13/2020Other - Weaning
50.9 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.47

Updated 3/17/2020